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Vendor Pricing Documentation
Step 1: Obtain a UNFI price file. The zip file I got had three files in it, only one has pricing info and that's the one we need. Open it up in Excel and save it as filename unfi.csv, format CSV (Windows).

Step 2: That file is probably too big. Right click on it and select Create archive to make a zip file.

Step 3: Go to the upload page, click Browse, and select the zip file you just made (if done as above, it should be named Click Upload File and wait. It can take a while for a big price file.

Step 4: If everything goes correctly, you'll get output something like this (it doesn't matter if there are more or less UNFISPLIT files). If you get anything drastically different, tell Andy.

Step 5 (optional): track down a dedicated professional to help
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